First Tabernacle Beth El, Southern Pines

First Tabernacle Beth El, Southern Pines

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Elder A. Kevin Medlin, Local Pastor
580 W. New Hampshire Avenue, Southern Pines, NC 28387
910-684-8392 |Email Us

Welcome to the website of First Tabernacle Beth El. The tabernacle is located in the Sandhills of North Carolina, where we enjoy year-round beautiful weather.  First Tabernacle Beth El is a part of the Church of God and Saints of Christ, the oldest Hebrew Israelite congregation in the United States. Our International Headquarters is located in Suffolk, VA under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil.

Members of the congregation are adherents to the tenets of Judaism. As such, we observe the Sabbath Day and the holy days/holidays that are Biblically based, i.e. Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur to name a few.

You are invited to attend our worship services on the Beginning of the Sabbath (Friday) and Sabbath Day Worship (Saturday) and enjoy acapella singing, heart stirring sermons and the spirit of love that emanates throughout the tabernacle.  We hope you take the opportunity to worship with us! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Elder A. Kevin Medlin
Local Pastor

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